Orffa Launch In Saudi Arabia

//Orffa Launch In Saudi Arabia

Orffa and its partner in Saudi Arabia, Quraish Integrated Company, organized a launch seminar in Riyadh.

This seminar proved to be very successful with about 65 customers attending the meeting. During this meeting Orffa’s strategy was introduced and some of Orffa’s flagship products, Energy Plus, Selenium4000 and Alliin Plus were presented. Emphasis was put on Orffa’s innovation skills and on its technical approach of market challenges.

Saudi Arabia is a very important future market for Orffa, and we feel comfortable that the top-end specialty products of Orffa will also be attractive to the Saudi market, as they are in so many other markets across the world. Orffa and its partner Quraish Integrated Company are convinced that the added value products of Orffa will get significant interest of the Saudi feed industry, and both companies expressed commitment to the market and to their alliance.

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