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Bayer has a long heritage of using science to help create a better life. Like our customers, we are dedicated to caring for the spaces where we all live our lives, because we know that healthy environments help lead to thriving communities. We work collaboratively with customers and partners on pest management to deliver innovative and inspiring solutions that help foster healthy environments where we all live, work and play.

An insect growth regulator for the control of immature cockroaches, fishmoths, flies, mosquitoes, litter beetles and fleas.

Key Product Facts
  • Insect growth regulator. Chitin inhibitor.
  • Interrupts larval moulting process.
  • Good residual, odourless & cost effective.
  • To be used in program with residual spray for control of adult insects.
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K-Othrine® SC 25 is a suspension concentrate containing Deltamethrin,, a photostable pyrethroid (25 g – Formulation and Adjuvants distilled in 1 Ltr water). K-Othrine® SC 25 acts primarily by contact but also by ingestion. Micro-crystals Deltamethrin suspended in an aqueous solution gives this formulation efficacy and continuing exceptional action. The special formula of K-Othrine® SC 25 also provides prolonged protection and good resistance to water washout.

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K-Othrine® WG 250 is a water dispersible broad spectrum insecticide with long term residual activity. This deltamethrin concentrated formulation is not classified in its toxicity by the European Community and has a low mammalian toxicity.

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Formulated to offer the best consumption rates across cockroach species and cockroach development stages.
Due to well balanced and highly attractive food ingredients in this premium bait matrix, Maxforce® Prime is particularly valuable in sensitive areas where the use of conventional insecticide formulations is restricted e.g. in the vicinity of electric and electronic equipment etc. For maximum effectiveness Maxforce® Prime must be placed in and around cockroach harbourages and, if possible, between these areas and food sources.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Controls all major cockroach species.
  • Exceptionally attractive gel bait.
  • Consistent high performance.
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QuickBayt® is a water dispersible granule that’s sprayed onto surfaces to attract and kill flies, fast.
It can be applied to a range of different surfaces both indoors and outdoors, particularly where conventional scatter baits can’t be used. Once the flies land and feed on the treated area, they are controlled. Ideal for use as a spot treatment around garbage bins and other refuse areas.

Key Product Facts
  • Active ingredient: imidacloprid 100g/kg & Z-9-tricosene 1g/kg
  • Excellent knockdown results and kills flies fast
  • Spray on a wide variety of areas including walls, posts and beams
  • Starts controlling flies in less than 60 seconds
  • Good residual activity- results visible for 4-6 weeks
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Cost effective fly control
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QuickBayt® Fly Bait starts killing nuisance flies in as little as 60 seconds1. QuickBayt® Fly Bait also kills flies resistant to organophosphates and carbamates. It’s ready to use indoors or outdoors as scatter bait, in bait stations, or as a paint-on. QuickBayt® Fly Bait also contains two fly attractants to lure flies, and Bitrex®, a bitter substance to help prevent accidental ingestion by children and animals.

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Racumin® Paste is a universal bait for rat control in all areas, including dumps and animal stables. Due to its special formulation Racumin® Paste presents the following benefits: excellent palatability, stays attractive and effective, convenient handling, ready-to-use, biodegradable packaging, contains bitrex.

Key Product Facts:
  • Endorsed by the Griffon Poison Information Center.
  • Multiple feed anti-coagulant rodenticide.
  • Highly palatable, weather resistant.
  • Biodegradable paper packaging.
  • Stays attractive and effective under humid conditions.
  • Ready to use.
  • Contains Bitrex.
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Solfac® EC 50 has a broad spectrum insecticidal activity, suitable for the control of a wide range of public hygiene pests including roaches, ants, houseflies and mosquitoes. Approved for use just in everywhere, it could be used in animal housing provided not to applied on them or when they inside. Solfac® EC 50 acts very quickly. In most cases the insects are knocked down within minutes, and pests hidden from view during application will often be flushed out of their hiding places and into contact with the treated surfaces. The results of the treatment are quickly evident.

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A suspension concentrate with contact and systemic action, good knockdown and long lasting residual control.
Indoor and outdoor control of American and German cockroaches, flies, ants, carpet beetles, fishmoths, litter beetles, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, hide and skin beetles, hide and skin larve.

Key Product Facts
  • Resistance breaking – two complementary modes of action.
  • Versatile – Indoor and Outdoor application. Ideal for Perimeter pest treatment.
  • Fast knockdown with superb flushing properties.
  • Reduced call backs. Long lasting residual control (8-12 weeks).
  • Milled dual active ingredient with contact and systemic action.
  • Water based – no stains, no smell, improved safety profile due to the absence of solvents.
  • Low use rate – excellent value per dose and increased profits.
  • Controls ants, bedbugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches (American and German) fishmoths, fleas, flies, hide and skin beetle and larvae, litter beetle, mosquitoes, ticks.

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